My name is Kelsey Critchfield and I am 26 years-old. I am a fine artist and illustrator. I graduated with my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration from Brigham Young University in 2015, moved to New York City shortly after, and lived and worked there as the Membership Administrator at the Society of Illustrators for one year. Since then I have returned to Utah in hopes of applying my talent and experience in a more direct way with my art career.

I have always had a strong passion for creating art. I was put in private art lessons starting at six years-old up until I was a freshman. I completed the AP Studio Art class in high school, and moved onto pursuing my BFA at Brigham Young University. I also participated in a travel study-abroad visiting over 50 art galleries and museums all throughout Europe. This past summer I was able to participate in a painting workshop in Italy studying under the incredibly talented, Zhaoming Wu.

Throughout my professional career I have sold works to various clients, entered and won several art competitions, displayed my work in galleries in Utah and New York, painted backdrop tapestries for the international Bear Fair, and commissioned to do an editorial illustration for Ladylike zine in New York. I also teach private art lessons to young, talented artists with great potential.

I create art to challenge myself and my ideas, and I hope it does the same for viewers. My style has evolved over the years, and has been influenced a lot by my mentors and places I’ve lived and traveled. While living in New York I gained a lot of inspiration from the museums I visited: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, Guggenheim, Neue Galerie, and The Frick Collection. I work traditionally in oil, painting portraits and figures, copying the Old Masters’ techniques and style with more contemporary ideas and subjects. I appreciate classical realism as much as I do modern and contemporary, and like to bridge the two styles together. I hope others can appreciate both styles of art when viewing my work.


I am available for freelance work, collaborations, and personal commissions. 

You can contact me via email:   kelseycritchfield@gmail.com